Facebook web events configuration

Facebook requires all advertisers to configure & prioritize their web events, as part of Facebook tracking updates conducted due to iOS 14.5. 
Please follow the steps below. 
a. Configuring & setting up web events is mandatory to make Facebook able to keep tracking your Facebook advertising activity. Failing to follow these requirements might cause your ads to stop running. 
b. Changing the events' configurations, impacts the ads and the ad sets will be paused for 72 hours to allow changes to take effect. Some changes may cause ads and ad sets to no longer run.
Please follow these easy steps and let us know once done:
1. Navigate to your Facebook pixel's event manager page & under "Aggregated Event Measurement" click "Configure Web Events"
2. Click "manage events" under your domain name
3. Click "Add event" -> choose your Facebook pixel -> choose the event you'd like to configure. 
Note: it is mandatory to set the "Purchase" event to be prioritized. 
Please configure up to 8 events.
4. Click Save & Apply
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