Estimated ROAS

Late conversions
It is very common for customers to visit a website and make a purchase a few days after their first visit. People like to consult and compare, read reviews, and weigh in on their options.
When they get back to your store and make a purchase, they would be considered a "late conversion".
Estimated ROAS
Our system has reviewed your account's history and can predict how many late conversions you will have, should you check your ROAS of the past two weeks, two weeks from now.
Why is important for you?
ROAS is important for you to determine the next advertising budget you should be using.
Our Estimated ROAS allows you to get a more accurate picture of your ROAS.
Let's put it in numbers -
Let's assume that you need a ROAS of 3X to be profitable and happy with your performance and that with that ROAS you are happy to increase your advertising budget as long as you can keep ROAS of 3X.
Let's say you invested $2,000 in advertising and gained $5,000 which puts your ROAS on 2.5X which would make you hesitate about your next steps. You would probably wait two weeks to see if late conversion takes you to your desired ROAS 4X.
Now, with the Estimated ROAS you don't need to wait! If the estimated ROAS can already predict that according to your store's history, your actual ROAS of the past two weeks would be 3.2X in 2 weeks from today, you can decide on your next budget without waiting two weeks. Time is money!
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