Facebook Ads Case Study

Crystal and Devon from have been using our Google Ads service since 2017.  They were very happy with the results, so they decided to let us also manage and optimize their Facebook and Instagram campaigns. We accepted their request and created a multi-channel advertising strategy to scale EnvyStylz even further!

We created a Growth campaign targeting relevant audiences as look-a-like audiences and generated smart 3rd party data audiences provided by Facebook. We then optimized the ads with our unique machine learning system. These audiences are getting various creatives such as carousel ads, image ads, video ads, slideshow ads, offer ads, and more.

We also created two different remarketing campaigns targeting's own audiences.  They were divided into different audiences that created certain actions on their website and on other digital assets they have as well. We used two different remarketing campaigns to make sure that we're targeting actions that the user has made.  We served both the creative chosen by our team/algorithm and the dynamic creatives that are automatically generated from a catalog created by our system.

By using our unique multi-channel advertising strategy, we managed to create a 470% increase and made them a multi-million dollar business.

Here are a few ad examples we use:














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