How to enable eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce

If you have WooCommerce version under 2.1, please use a following tutorial to enable eCommerce for your site: 

1. Browse into your WordPress Admin and navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integration -> Google Analytics


2. Enter the Google Analytics ID that you copied from your Google Analytics web property. Again, this ID will look something like UA-XXXXX-X.

3. Set the domain name as you set it in Google Analytics. As noted, this is optional and can depend on your shop’s domain or sub-domain. For this article, we’re sticking with the same domain we entered in Google Analytics when we created the web property.

4. Check  “Add tracking code to your site’s footer…”.

5. Check the last two boxes as indicated and Save Changes.


Starting WooCommerce 2.1, this integration will no longer be part of WooCommerce and will only be available by using this plugin.

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