How to create an audience in GA4 (Google Analytics 4)

Creating an audience in GA4 will allow you to track your StoreYa's sales and revenue in the most accurate way.

Here is how you do so -

Create a new audience

1. Log into your Google Analytics 4 account > Browse to Admin > Click on Audiences.

2. Click on New Audience



3. Click on Create a custom audience

4. Click on Add new condition

5. Scroll down and choose Traffic source and then Session source/ medium

6. Click on Add filter, type stry and choose stry / trafb

7. Tick a V next to At any point in time and then click Apply

8. Name the audience "StoreYa Users", tick the button next to "Set to Maximum limit" and click Save


You are all done!

StoreYa could now track and report your orders and revenue according to your GA4.



Should you wish to track your orders and revenue on your GA4 as well, browse to -

Acquisition > Traffic acquisition > add filter > select dimension > Audience name > StoreYa users > Apply

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