Attribution OR – Which source of traffic should be credited for your sales

By default, Google Analytics will be crediting the last click that “touched” your visitor before he/she made a purchase. This could be PayPal which only serves as your gateway service or the pop-up that never introduced a new visitor to your store – if that was the last click, it would be credited for the sale.

Imagine you only have 1 sale in the past hour and one source of traffic. For example, let’s say Google Ads drove the sale to your store, whereas in another app you are using pop-up a notification with a promo code that convinced the user to make a purchase.

Who should be credited for that sale?

Google for driving the visitor, i.e. “The first click” or that other app that concluded the deal, i.e. “The last click”?

Want to know which sales were actually driven by the Traffic Booster?

Use StoreYa Users Segment.

This is how you do so - guide.

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