How to create a Google Analytics Universal Property

This is a 2 minutes process:


1. Log into your Google Analytics Account (or sign up for one if you never had yet).

2. Click on the Admin tab at the bottom of the left menu bar



3. Click on the Create Property button at the top 



4. Scroll down and click on the "Show advanced options"



5. Click on the right-hand side toggle to enable a Universal Analytics property




a. Type a property name

b. Choose time zone and currency

c. Type in your domain's URL

d. Choose the second radio button in order to "Create a Universal Analytics property only

e. Click on the Next button



7.  Choose:

a. Industry

b. Business size

c. Future usage of Google Analytics (choose anything you like)

d. Click the Create button



8. Copy the UA-XXXXXXXXX  ID you receive and paste at the relevant place of your eCommerce platform.

For Example, Shopify should go to -


Online Store > Preferences > Google Analytics



* Important -

Once you have created the Universal Property and embedded it in your eCommerce platform admin, log back into, browse into the Traffic Booster and share it with us by clicking on the relevant red alert you would see on the top of the page. This would enable us better optimization of your campaigns.

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