Adding StoreYa’s TrafficBooster Code to enable Shopping Ads on WooCommerce Site

Kindly refer to this guide -





The below guide is out of date.

  1. Install our ‘Facebook Shop’ plugin at the following link
  2. Install StoreYa’s plugin:
  3. In the ‘Google Search Console’ go to the ‘Verification Code’ field and paste the code we sent you, it should look like the following image:

  4. Click on the ‘Save’ button.
  5. Let us know once you implemented the code via email to

Once our marketing team will receive your email we will claim the Merchant Center for you and then setup the shopping campaigns.

Note: when we claim the Merchant Center Account you might get an email stating your account was claimed by one of our accounts, do not be alarmed, it is part of the process when claiming Merchant Center, and it DOES NOT mean your site belongs to us!

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