Import WooCommerce Shop To Facebook - Troubleshoot

If you have already installed your WooCommerce Store to Facebook and a plugin was not recognized while importing your store: 

Please make sure that our plugin was uploaded to:

...wordpress/wp-content/plugins/ . The folder's name is :facebook-shop-by-storeyacom OR storeya-products-feed (depending on the plugin you uploaded).

For files in the /facebook-shop-by-storeyacom folder, please see the image below:

If it is located elsewhere on the plugin's folder, it is possible that you have a customized/other than default WP site folder tree, or that some other settings were applied to your store configuration.

In that case please follow these steps:

1. Go to link {site name}/index.php?action=woocommerce_storeya and check log files (How To See Error Logs Of Woocommerce Shop).

2. Send us a print screen of the plugin from Wordpress back office.

3. We will want to know, the path to the plugin's folder "facebook-shop-by-storeyacom". 

4. Please contact us specifying your web store's URL

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    Sandy Key

    i am setting properly according given steps but i am not configure shop page

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