Install StoreYa App on Prestashop store

This guide will show you how to set up the StoreYa Connector in your PrestaShop store.


  1. Log into the site where your PrestaShop shop is hosted using either a standard FTP client or the Cpanel File manager. (Many hosting companies provide File Manager access inside of Cpanel)
  2. Navigate to the ROOT directory of PrestaShop. (This will often be "WWW" or "Public_html")
  3. Open the Themes folder.
  4. Open the specific theme that you are currently using. PrestaShop is the default theme. (You can find the name of your theme inside the PrestaShop admin area, in Preferences->Appearance, at the bottom of the theme tab.)
  5. Select the footer.tpl file in the theme folder.
  6. Open the footer.tpl file with a simple editor like Notepad. Copy and paste your StoreYa Connector code above the end </body> tag at the bottom of the window.   

Note: If you go through the above and still can't see the app, then odds are you have PrestaShop Smarty Cache enabled. To fix this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your PrestaShop control panel
  2. Go to Preferences -> Performance
  3. Set Force Compile to 'Yes' and 'Cache' to 'No'
  4. Save your preferences
  5. Reload the page, and make sure the StoreYa widget appears.
  6. After you have made sure it shows up, go back into your preferences and switch Force Compile and Cache back to their former settings.
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