What to do if not all products from your WooCommerce store have been imported to Facebook

What to do if, following the import of your WooCommerce store to Facebook via StoreYa, you have discovered that not all of your items are on your newly-created store?

Please recall: Have you enabled the W3 Total Cache plugin?

If so, then please disable the plugin and then sync your store.

If you need to check whether the plugin is indeed enabled, follow the below instructions:


  1. Open your storeya product feed :







  1. Right mouse click -> View page source -> search with "Ctrl  + F" for W3 Total Cache -> if the plugin is enabled, you will see its tag at the end of the feed  - the feed will be cut by this tag:


<!-- Performance optimized by W3 Total Cache. Learn more:
Page Caching using memcached
Database Caching 56/316 queries in 0.106 seconds using memcached
Object Caching 7540/8484 objects using memcached
Content Delivery Network via
 Served from: @ 2014-08-12 02:30:43 by W3 Total Cache -->


  1.  Please disable the W3 Total Cache plugin and sync your store.


 If you do not have an enabled W3 Total Cache plugin but still your Facebook store contains less products than your original westore, please contact us.


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    Is there any limit for products....I can see in your adv is 10000...if our products are more than 10000 what I have to do

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    Emma Harper

    Hi Sarath,

    Yes, we limit the amount of products to 10K. You'll be able to remove categories that are less relevant for Facebook.

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    Victor Silva

    Good afternoon, okay? I would like to say that the platform is really incredible, I have a little doubt, facebook blocks the importation of some products, like wey, some pharmacy products, in case I need this integration for a client, do you have many medicines, does the integration of your platform prevent you from importing any products? I need this information to make the purchase. Thank you.

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    kusuma ajie


    I just installed StoreYa for the first time and connected to FB. 

    1st product appeared in FB. But when I entered 2nd product, it is not showing in FB.

    Is that because of the Free service, so no synchronization or?

    Please advice

    Thank you

    Edited by kusuma ajie
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