How to embed StoreYa's general code in your ZenCart Store

below are instructions on how to embed StoreYa's general code in your ZenCart store:

  1. You will first need access to ZenCart core files via your web hosting C-Panel or an FTP client.

  2. Open the includes directory.

  3. Open the template directory and then the common directory

  4. Open "tpl_footer.php" with your favorite text editing program such as Notepad or Dreamweaver.


  5. Paste the Reviews HTML code which you've received from at the very bottom of this file and be sure to save it before closing.


  6. Preview's Reviews tool on your ZenCart Site, to make sure it was installed correctly.

We also highly recommend on importing your Zencart webshop into your Facebook fan page using StoreYa services! Please follow this Zencart guide to Facebook if you wish to do so.

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