How to Disable Magento's extension

How to Disable Magento's extension


Before you start:


In most cases if the extension doesn’t work on the first attempt it is due to:

- Compiler was not disabled during the installation. You will get error like 

Fatal error: Class 'Akdev_Storeya_Helper_Data' not found in /app/Mage.php

See step-by-step solution below.


- Cache issue - you can manually refresh the cache by deleting the contents inside the /var/cache/ directory (located in the Magento root directory).


If you wish to disable our Magento Facebook extension, you can use the below instructions.

Once done you will be able to re-install the extension following the below guide or to generate API credentials by yourself following this guide.


A. Instructions for disabling the Magento extension:

  1. Log into Log into [YOU DOMAIN]/Downloader (Magento Connect)
  2. Scroll down to Facebook_store_application and under the column “Actions” choose Uninstall (you do so by clicking the little triangle that opens a drop-down list for you).
  3. Click on the “Commit changes” button.


B. Importing your Store to Facebook

If the error you had earlier was saying: “Fatal error: Class 'Akdev_Storeya_Helper_Data' not found in /app/Mage.php”

You can re-install StoreYa’s extension if you could first disable the Magento compilation by going to System -> Tools -> Compilation

(Once you finish installing the extension, you could recompile and re-enable the Magento compilation).

If you had a different error, please manually generate API credentials by following this guide.

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