How to install Exit Pop for your BigCommerce store

Please follow our step-by-step guide in order to embed our code in your store.

It might seem a bit long, but it is only about copy-paste a few lines :)


1. Log into your BigCommerce admin

2. Click on the "Design" link at your top right menu as seen on Image i below.


Image i


3. Click on the "Edit HTML/CSS" files as seen on image ii below.


Image ii


4. Click on the “Footer.html” folder on your left (this will populate the "File contents" in the right window pane as seen on Image iii).


Image iii


5. Scroll down and paste the Exit Pop code at the bottom of your existing code. (No harm can be done here, and you can always click on "Revert to Original").
6. Click "Save" at your top left.

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