Refer a Friend - Troubleshooting

Refer a Friend Troubleshooting
1. Run a test purchase (you can create a $0.01 test product through your web store's admin for this purpose).
2.  When you reach to the "Thank you page", perform the following steps in order to check whether StoreYa's code is implemented on it,  and whether parameters such as OrderID are replaced with the relevant values of your purchase (Product name and price):
    a. Right-click
    b. Choose "View Source"
    c. Look for in the HTML of source
3. If you don't see StoreYa's code implemented correctly (i.e. values are NOT replaced as they should) - please contact your webmaster.
If StoreYa's code was implemented correctly, forward us the link of your Thank you page. (If your eCommerce platform doesn't enable you to do so, save the HTML of the source you will be getting locally and forward it to us via email). 
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