How to implement the Coupon Pop marketing tool HTML in your Woocommerce / Wordpress shop

The Coupon Pop tool for WooCommerce is a fantastic tool that is designed both to increase sales and to help you to get Twitter followers, increase Facebook likes, and boost your social networking. The way the tool works is that it “pops up” a message to your store visitors offering them a store discount in exchange for following you on social media. This guide will show you how to set up the Coupon Pop tool in your WooCommerce store.

Below are instructions on how to integrate StoreYa Coupon Pop marketing tool HTML code with your Woocommerce/WordPress store:


In order to insert the HTML code, simply edit the Page you wish to add the code to and switch to HTML mode as shown below. Then insert the code right before the </body> tag.




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    Where is the code I am supposed to install in Wordpress? I can't easily find it anywhere.

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