How to Import your store to Facebook Automatically

 Here's a video tutorial on how to import your shop into your Facebook fan page.

  1. Go to and click on the “Create a Facebook Store Now” button in order to sign up (you can use your Facebook profile or an email and a password.
  2. Choose "" platform.
  3. Add your brands.
  4. If you wish to import specific products as well, add your product page Link as follows:

Copy one of your product pages' links, so we would identify your shop, and import all of your products onto Facebook. 

If you're having a problem locating one of your product pages' links, please use the below contact details for further assistance. 
Phone: 336-389-5821 Email: |

      4. Click "Continue" and then click on "Preview Store".

      5. Select the desired fan page you wish to connect your store to.

      6. Customize your shop and publish it when you are ready to.


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    Marie Doyle

    It wouldn't let me import it to my personal facebook page!!  So it's posted in the wrong spot! How do I edit this?

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    Emma Harper


    Logging into StoreYa is done by connecting with Facebook using your personal profile (due to Facebook's limitations), BUT -

    at the end of our very short import process, you will be provided with a link enabling you to connect your new Facebook store to a Facebook fan page of your choice (a fan page that you are its admin, of course). Your personal profile will serve you to log into your StoreYa back-office. There will be no connection between your store and your personal profile at Facebook's end.

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    Moumita S Das

    Great user friendly application.

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    Emma Harper

    Thank you so much  Moumita!


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