How to use a Facebook store on mobile?

If you wish your fans to access your mobile Facebook store, please follow the below steps.

Here is how your store would look on a mobile device:


How To Set Up Your “Shop Now” Call-to-Action Button In Facebook

Facebook have launched "call to action" buttons, which are a great way to drive your sales and allow customers to access your Facebook store from mobile devices (the advantage is, that the button is displayed on mobile Facebook pages). Follow the steps below to get your button set-up and start driving sales by managing specific actions on your page.

To set it up, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to your Page and click on "Add a Button" ( or Edit Button link, if you want to change an existing one)

 2. Choose your desired call to action: Click on 'make a Purchase or Donation' -> Shop Now

3. Now enter the URL we've created for your mobile Facebook store into the website text field, you can get it in your StoreYa Dashboard page: Log in to StoreYa > Facebook Shop > Dashboard.

*** Note: You can get your product page's URL by clicking on the link icon and copy-pasting the URL as pointed out in the screenshot below.share_product.png

4. Enter the URL you just copied and click on Add Button. 

You've updated your Shop Now button.



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    Garreth Sleigh

    Any reason the "STORE" tab doesn't appear on the mobile version naturally? 

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