How to Upload a Header to your Facebook store

In order to upload your header, please log back into your back office by clicking on the connect with Facebook button while being logged into Facebook using the same personal profile you have previously used.
Then please browse into Customize your store > Customization tab where you can click on upload header title and browse through your local computer to get the header you wish to upload.
These are the header requirements:
Max width: 810 px 
Optimal height: up to 150 px
(to keep products above the fold) 
Max file size: 2 MB 
Format: jpg, png, gif
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    Mike Bangert

    Doesn't Work!

    This is all I get.

    {"Url":"","Success":false,"Message":"Please, try to upload header again."}

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    Emma Harper


    What browser are you using? Please try using a different one and update me if that solved the issue.

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