Does StoreYa support sub-categories?

Yes and no :)
We support it in a way that fits the limited canvas area provided to the Facebook fan page, and not the way it was originally configured in your web store.
To fit those limitations, we have developed an algorithm which imports categories and sub-categories according to the number of products they include, i.e. if a sub-category does not have many products in comparison with other categories/ sub-categories, its products will be displayed under its parent category.
The bottom line is, that ALL your web store's products are imported, yet some of them might appear under a category rather than  a sub-category, just to spare the room.
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    We are using import and sync using CSV.

    How do we take advantage of Category and Sub-Category, we are only seeing top level Categories.

    Thank you


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    Emma Harper

    Hi there,

    StoreYa does not support sub categories, but you are welcome to use the sub category name in the CSV file and it will show it as a regular category.

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