How do I get the names and emails of the participants of my group deal?

Using StoreYa's Group Deal is a wise move! Merchants who use Group Deal, have great success in using it.

At the end of the promotion you will be receiving an email from StoreYa with a CSV file containing the names and email addresses of the participants in your deal.

In addition, at any point you can log back into your back office and browse to your Marketing > group deal tab, where clicking on the number of participants who have already joined the deal will open up a box with all names and emails ready for you to copy.

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    Dennis van Orsouw

    I've setup our first groupdeal.

    But there is a strange thing.

    The image of the product is clickable.

    I've entered the productname in the setup of this groupdeal.

    The productname is ok.

    But when I click on the groupdeal productimage I go to a blank page.

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    Emma Harper

    Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    We had a temporarily problem, but it was sorted out now, and your group deals links should work well.

    Best regards,

    Emma Harper.

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    Dennis van Orsouw

    Thank you Emma,

    It is working now!

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    Lize van der Merwe

    Hi Emma, my group deal is up on Facebook and my website, but it does not show up nicely on mobile. In fact I cannot get the box small enough to get to the join button on my cell phone. Please help

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