Import PrestaShop shop to Facebook - Troubleshooting

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1. StoreYa's module was not installed correctly.

In order to ensure that you have the StoreYa module installed correctly, you need to be able access the following URL:


1.1. If the module was installed correctly - you will be getting a blank page.

1.2. In case the module was installed on a different route, please contact us stating that route.

1.3. In case you are getting an error, please contact your webmaster or use our CSV solution (here is our CSV to Facebook guide)


2. Wrong API Key. Verify Key and Installation.

Once StoreYa module is installed, it generates a unique API Key to allow secure access to your inventory. 

The correct API Key contains 30 characters and consists of uppercase letters and numbers.


3. Missing permissions for StoreYa module

To fix permissions issues please perform follwoing steps:
 1. set permissions to 755 on the Storeya folder
 2. set permissions to 644 on each file of Storeya module (config.xml, logo.gif, product-info.php, README.txt, storeya.php) 


4. An error occurred while importing

Please contact us specifying your web store's URL


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    Paulo Eduardo Araujo da Rocha

    My products aren't loading. What should I do?

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    Emma Harper

    Hi Paulo, please send an email to and state the email address/FB profile you used to create a StoreYa account so we can further assist you.

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