Tracking your Facebook Store's Performance with your Google Analytics

Google Analytics UTM Parameters

In order for you to track your Facebook store's performance through your Google Analytics, StoreYa adds the following parameters to the links driving traffic from your Facebook store to your web store:

  • utm_source=storeya
  • utm_medium=storeya_fb
  • utm_campaign=storeya_shop

You can also log in to your dashboard and see the most visited products and categories in the last 7 days.

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    Houssam Adel

    Dear Emma,


    Can you explain how I can use Google Analytics to monitor Facebook Store ?



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    Emma Harper

    Hi there,

    In case the Google Analytic account has  Goals specified these goals can be traced by Campaigns.

    If not goals specified the traffic still can be analysed going to:

    Traffic Sources> Sources > Campaigns

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