Import WordPress e-Commerce shop to Facebook - Troubleshoot

Importing your WP-Commerce store to Facebook requires you type in only your store's URL.


If you encounter any problems, please see which topic best describes your issue while importing your Wordpress shop to Facebook

1. Wrong URL. Please check your store's URL

In order to import WP inventory to Facebook we are looking for Google Base feed that comes with standard installation of WP e-Commerce plugin.
The URL should be found at the following address - YOUR-DOMAIN/index.php?rss=true&action=product_list&xmlformat=google

2. There are errors in your data resource

Please verify that following URL returns a valid XML - YOUR-DOMAIN/index.php?rss=true&action=product_list&xmlformat=google

3. No products were found. Please check your store's URL

The XML feed at the following address contains no products - YOUR-DOMAIN/index.php?rss=true&action=product_list&xmlformat=google

4. An error occurred while importing

Please contact us specifying your web store's URL


* If You are not using WordPress e-Commerce plugin (by

Please try our CSV solution as described in our step-by-step guide here -

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