Import a web store that is not built on Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, eBay or other platforms. Upload a CSV

i. Generate a CSV - a comma separated values file -  (the poor version of Excel...) containing the following 7 columns per each of the product you would like to upload -

1. name, price, description, category, SKU - define per product;

2. Image - the full path of the image for example:

3. url_key - the full path of the URL for example:

ii. Follow the instructions to Upload the CSV file to Facebook

iii. If you wish to import multiple product images, simply input the product image urls delimited by the ">" symbol in the image column. For example:

default_image_path > additional_image_path_1> additional_image_path_2> additional_image_path_3




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    Rianne Bozzard

    I have created a CSV with these columns but every time I try to upload it I am told that my file does not contain these headers. Any idea what I am doing wrong? It seems so simple yet I have been struggling with no results. I am not including any info in the columns for SKU, image or url_key as I do not understand what is being asked of me for these columns and I figured that I could add photos at a later date. Can you help me?

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    Emma Harper


    All 7 columns are required.

    SKU initials for - Stock-Keeping Unit; a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased in business. but enough with  Wikipedia - if you sell a T-shirt - this is one product that can have 2 SKU's if you have it in 2 sizes or 4 SKU's if you have each size in 2 different colors.

    image - source URL of the image (you can right click on an image on your site and click copy image URL.

    url_key - if your store's url is and your product's URL is then your url_key is iphone.html

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    Ron Arts

    Is it allowed to have HTML in the description like <b> <br> ?

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    Emma Harper

    Hi Ron,

    Yes, it is.

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