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Following are the main entities provided by StoreYa Api:

  • ProductEntity

    • Properties:
      • CategoryName – category name at StoreYa
      • Description  - description of the products as extracted from HtmlDescription with all Html tags removed
      • ExternalUrl - url to the product page at Magento shop
      • HtmlDescription - description of the product at Magento
      • ID – unique identifier of each product at StoreYa
      • Image – relative path to image url
      • InternalProductPageUrl - url to the product page inside Facebook
      • Name – product name
      • Price – product price
      • RowNumber - row number in the list of the products. This property, together with IsLastColumnInRow() method,  can be useed to identify last product in the row.
    • Methods
      • IsLastColumnInRow – getting column Number as a parameter and calculates if the current product is a “Last Column in the Row”.
  • CatalogPageData – used as a Model on catalog page

    • Properties:

      • FacebookAppID
      • FacebookPageID
      • Products – Collection of ProductEntity object. Products that should be shown on current page.
  • ProductPageData – used as a Model on product page

    • Properties:

      • FacebookAppID

      • FacebookPageID

      • Product - ProductEntity object

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