StoreYa’s Free Magento Facebook store Extension – Automatically Generating API Credentials for You

  1. Log in to Magento
  2. Disable the Magento compilation in case you have it enabled (Go to System -> Tools -> Compilation)
  3. Go to our Facebook store extension page - Create a Magento Facebook Store.
  4. Click on the “Install Now” button.

 5. Choose the relevant “Magento Connect” according to your Magento version;
The following versions should switch to “Magento Connect 2” –

  • Community Edition, 1.5 and up should choose “Magento Connect 2”;
  • Enterprise Edition 1.9-RC3 & later;
  • Professional Edition 1.9 & later;

6. Check the “I agree to the extension license agreement” box.
7. Click on the “Get Extension Key” button.
8. Copy the extension key –

    a. Magento connect 1 key - magento-community/Facebook_store_application
    b. Magento Connect 2 key -

9. Get back to your Magento Connect Manager, paste the extension key at the second text field (see screenshot below), and click the “Install” button –

 Note: if you weren’t logged to your Magento Connect Manager when earlier, just log in to your Magento admin panel, and click: System> Magento connect> Magento Connect Manager (see screenshot below):


10. Click on the “Proceed” button:

11. A DOS window will open up. Wait until you see “Cache cleaned successfully”.

 12. Scroll up and click on the “Return to Admin” link –

* If you are using Magento compilation, and you have disabled it in step #2 above, you can now recompile and re-enable it.

 13. Click on the new “StoreYa” tab that was added to your dashboard, and then click on “Create API”:


14. Click on the “Create API” button:

15. Click on the “Click here” link

16. Copy the store URL and API credential you have received and log in to using your Facebook profile in order to paste those details and have your store imported!


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