Wrong URL Message - API Functionality is disabled

Our system has indicated that something at your end is preventing it from accessing your store's API.


Please make sure that the following URL  {YOUR STORE DOMAIN}/api/xmlrpc   is working and is returning an XML file, just like in this magento api valid response example.

In you are not getting an xml file, please ask your hosting service to enable your API functionality, or consult with your webmaster regarding an alternative solution that will allow us to get an xml file.


From our end what we can offer is: 

1. Use our Google Base solution which doesn't require API credentials. Follow this guide -


2. use our CSV solution - log back to and in the middle box of our registration screen you will see a link to switch to that solution and a tutorial video to guide you on how to use it.

We will be looking forward to seeing your store live!

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    Hi, this does not work! Api are right configured and tested, user are create by you application on magento, ulr are right, but not work!

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    Emma Harper

    Hi Matteo, 

    I've answered to your ticket just now.

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    Andra Barchi

    I get an answer that the url is wrong... I have tried different url's..but nothing seems to work..can you help?Thanks


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