Api Error - 0 SOAP extension is not loaded

Even before we drill-down to the error you received, you should know that we provide another import option for creating your Facebook shop - namely,  a CSV upload from Magento.
You can follow the simple steps in the link below to launch your Facebook store from CSV files in minutes.

Regarding the error you received, "extension is not loaded" 

Webserver requirements:

- For SOAP to work within the Magento application, the PHP SOAP extension ("") needs to be installed on the server.
- For RPM-based Linux distributions this is installed with the command "yum install php-soap".
Note that the PHP SOAP extension is not similar to the PEAR SOAP extension.

You can check if your Magento application has full SOAP support by browsing to the page - [YOUR_MAGENTO_SHOP_URL}/api/v2_soap.
It should give you an XML-document, offering a detailed explanation about the usage of SOAP. If you see the message "0 Unable to load Soap extension on the server" or "0 SOAP extension is not loaded", then SOAP support is missing from the Webserver.

(Reference -

The below thread includes many comments with different solutions, pertaining to specific store configurations -

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