Magento 1.4 (a known bug and its quick solution)

It seems that you are currently using Magento version which contains a small bug as explains at the Magento board here.
(The bottom line is that: "The developers forgot to close the bracket"). 

As an official partner of Magento, StoreYa offers a free Magento extension that will generates the API credentials for you and solve the above problem. Get the Magento Facebook Store extension. 
Alternatively, if you wish to fix this bug by yourself, here is how you do so:

1. Open file /app/code/core/Mage/Api/Model/Server/Adapter/Soap.php
2. Find the line 133, 134
} else {
$this->fault(’0’, ‘Unable to load Soap extension on the server’);
3. Replace this part of code with
} else {
$this->fault(’0’, ‘Unable to load Soap extension on the server’);
4. Once done, you could log in again to and run the API smoothly.

Once done, log back into and continue our short registration process – your Magneto API will now be able to import your products into Facebook.

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