Import Your Magento Store Automatically

Q: How do I import my existing online store automatically and have it synchronized whenever I make changes in my online store?
A: Well, that's the part we like the most – no matter how many products you have, as a Magento merchant, we can import it for you in just a couple of clicks! All you have to do is to provide us with your API UserName and with your API Key (password). Generating those takes around 15 seconds. Watch the video or follow the instructions below to learn how to do so.

i. Step one: Create a new API Role
Before creating an API user, one needs to create an API role.
Login to the Magento Admin Panel and navigate to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles.

 This page lists the current API roles. If there are none listed yet, click on Add New Role.

 Every role needs a name. This can be anything. Just make sure it is descriptive enough for you.

 Select "All" or "Custom" and then click on the "Save Role" button on the right.

 ii. Step two: Create a new API User

Once your role is created, you can add a user that makes use of this role.
Click: System> Web Services> SOAP/XML-RPC - Users

 Click "Add new user" (on your right hand side)

 The fields First Name, Last Name and Email just need to be filled in with any value you like. Make sure the User Name and Api Key are secure enough. 

Once finished, click "Save user" on the right;

Click "User Role" on the left;
Choose the role created earlier;
Click "Save User" on the right;

Now you should be able to see a green alert on the left, stating that the user has been saved. In order to use the API you have just created, you will need to provide us only with the API username and the API Key.

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