Manually create a Facebook store

Q: I don't have a way to automatically export my store data – can you still help me?
A: Absolutely! Especially for you, we created a very simple CSV - don't lose us here - it is like a simple version of Excel, and all you have to do with it is fill out 7 simple columns (product name, price etc.). Here is how you do this (and we also attached a sample for you) -
i. Generate a CSV (the poor version of Excel...) containing the following 7 columns per each of the product you would like to upload -

1. name, price, description, category, SKU - define per product;

2. Image - the full path of the image for example:

Note: if you wish to import multiple product images, simply input the product image urls delimited by the ">" symbol in the image column. For example:

efault_image_path > additional_image_path_1> additional_image_path_2> additional_image_path_3

3. url_key - the full path of the URL for example:

ii. Log into and click on the "Get started now - Connect with Facebook" button (while being connected to Facebook with a personal profile).

iii. Click on the CSV icon

iv. Type your Store's URL and click continue

v. Upload the CSV you have generated and click continue.

vi. Click "Activate" and connect your store to a Facebook fan page that you are an admin of.

vii. Click on the new Shop Now tab that was added to your Facebook fan page.

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