Import semi-automatically (using CSV)

Q: How do I import my existing online store?
A: Well, that's the part we like the most – no matter how many products you have, as long as your store is using one of our supported e-commerce platforms we can import it for you in just a couple of clicks! Watch the video to learn how to do it.
i. Export your data from your eCommerce platform:
(keep on reading or watch the video)
1. At your Magento admin panel, click System--> Import/Export--> Export (see first screenshot below)

2. At the Export window that will open up, choose "Products" and leave the default choice of "CSV" as is (see second screenshot below).

3. At the bottom of the product window, click "Continue" and Voila! You have exported your store's data to a CSV, and in a couple of clicks you are going to have your Facebook storefront alive and kicking!

ii. Import your Data to Facebook -
1. Connect to using your Facebook account (If you don't have a Facebook account - no worries - just click here)

2. On the first box (from the left) - Add your online store domain. In order to link your potential customers to the relevant page and items at your store, we need you to provide us with the most relevant domain or subdomains (if you have such). For example:


3. Second box (Middle) - Import your inventory.  Browse your computer and choose the CSV of your store data. If you don't have it yet - get back to Export your data.

4. Third box (the right one) - Activate your store. Click the activate button!

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    Laurie Barker

    This is based on exporting data from Magento 1.5 and above... A set by step for 1.4 would be helpful...

  • 0
    Emma Harper

    Hi Laurie,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We will update this page to contain instructions for both Magento versions.

    In the meantime, see if your Magento version fits this guide -

    BTW, I think your shop is uploading at this moment using API method.

    Please, check and contact me directly at if you need other assistance.

    Kind regards,


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    Whimsy Murphy

    I want my store ya page to go away.

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    Emma Harper

    Hello Whimsy,

    Here is how to cancel your account:

    1. Connect to using Facebook connection.
    2. Go to "Account" tab (and "My account" if you have a sub tab there)
    3. Click on the "Cancel my account" link
    4. Confirm by clicking the delete button.

    Note: this will delete any customization your have made in your store. 

    In order to remove your store tab:

    1. Go to your Facebook Fan Page.

    2. If you are using Facebook Timeline, click on "Admin" and then on "Manage" (otherwise go to step #3)

    3. Click "Edit Page" (top right)

    4. Click "Apps" (middle left)

    5. Click on the "X" next to StoreYa's app

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