StoreYa in a nutshell

StoreYa is the largest app store for automated marketing tools for small to medium businesses.

We support 100,000 merchants daily, offering them a dozen of apps to increase their leads and conversion through their web stores, social networks activity and email marketing.

All of our apps are designed to be used within 3 clicks - with no coding or developing skills required.

All of our apps comes with a free trial and starts with as low as $9.99/m. (See full pricing per here)

Social networks apps

We were the first to offer an automatic web store import onto Facebook that fits any web store, active on any eCommerce platform in any country, using any currency and taxes.

Our Facebook store solution comes with marketing apps to help you drive traffic to your Facebook store, such as our:

  1. Group Deal app
  2. Scratch & Win app
  3. InstaGallery

Web store apps

Our web stores apps show value within the first couple of days implemented. We offer:

  1. Coupon Pop - Convert your visitors into paying customers by incentivizing them to engage with you through any social network or email submittal.
  2. Exit pop - Double your sales by catching abandoning visitors, just a fraction of a second before they leave your web store.
  3. Refer a Friend - Boost your sales by converting the friends of your customers.
  4. Power Banner – Instantly create an amazing looking banner for your store/ emails/ social activity – with no design skills required!
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