How can I start all over again and re-import my products?

Simply delete your current account with StoreYa, and connect to StoreYa again, and you will be directed to start the short registration/ import products process again.
Deleting an account is easy:

1. Connect to using Facebook connection.
2. Go to Account Settings and then My Account. 
3. Click "Please cancel my account"
4. Confirm by clicking the delete button.

Note: this will delete any customization your have made in your store. 

If you have already connected your current Facebook store to your Facebook Fan Page, you will need to remove StoreYa's app from your Fan Page too. This is how you do so -
If you wish to remove StoreYa's app from your Fan Page too, this is how you do so -
1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
2. Click Apps in the left column
3. Go to the app you want to remove and click x
4. Click Remove
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